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At the Source Code Center, we believe that in our first five years of life, our early experience writes a source code in our unconscious, which then determines the rest of the way that our story unfolds. 

We help people rewrite their code for

a healthier, more beautiful life.

the matrix

Our source code constructs the matrix of our reality for as

long as we live, until we make the decision that we are ready for change, and embark on the journey of reprogramming and rediscovering ourselves.

cracking the code

Together, we dive beneath your

conscious stories in order to identify the unconscious negative patterns

holding you back.

inside out

Unlike PSYCHOTHERAPY that aimS to manage symptoms (depression, anxiety, relationship issues, angst), Source Code locates the root cause and puts the healing there, so that PEOPLE may be LIBERATED FROM LIFELONG PATTERNING.


Being ready for this work means you are ready to know yourself, shed old defenses and become more of who you really are. You may be quite self aware and may have tried plenty of therapy in the past, yet things have always played out the same way. Our clients often say that Source Code is the missing link they have always been searching for.

the perfect fit

When you are ready to begin, you will speak directly with our director Dr. Sam Rader, who listens carefully and works her magic to match you with THE SOURCE CODE CONDUIT who will be the perfect fit to facilitate your healing.

our team

Source Code Center

deep dive

As Source Code CONDUITS, we create a loving and supportive space, so you feel safe enough to DIVE deeper and Look under the veil. It is only there that WE can discover and heal our core issues.

quantum leap

We are always kind, yet we are also direct. We don’t leave your healing up to you, nor DO WE let the process drag on forever. We find your edge and we hold you there, nudging you ever farther so that you have the opportunity to make the quantum leaps you’ve always wished you could.

living proof

Change is possible. We know this because as Source Code CONDUITS, we have committed to doing the work on ourselves first. We can only take our clients as far as we've gone OURSELVES, SO we are dedicated to our own wholeness in service of facilitating yours.

In the course of the Source Code journey, we have each changed our own lives and helped hundreds of clients to also change.


We meet with clients weekly, and our work is long term. Most clients see a significant change in the first FEW SESSIONS, and many feel completely transformed within 6 MONTHS TO A YEAR.

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Becoming who you’ve always wanted to be is THE“"hard work miracle"”--an earned yet holy shift. It takes a lot of intention, attention and gumption to reconfigure who you are and how you show up in the world. The big payoff is how the world shows up for you in turn. As Source Code CONDUITS, we walk beside you every step of the way, until you ARE ready to graduate and stand into your own wholeness.

who you really are

There is a beautiful essence at your core that is patiently yet eagerly awaiting your arrival. Naming, healing and ultimately emerging from the confinement of your old Unconscious patterns, you get to embody more of your true nature, which vibrates with ease, joy and love. It is our highest wish to empower you to shed anything in the way of becoming more of who you really are.


dr. sam featured on buzzfeed

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